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by Theoptia

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The second single from the upcoming album UNDEAD GODS.
The track talking about the danger of an addictive lifestyle of overindulgence.

UNDEAD GODS is a concept album about pseudo-religious aspects of our modern secular societies. This album could be regarded as the answer to a person, who would say that they are free from religion, by saying that in our modern lives we are not at all free from religion
but entangled with disguised forms of it. I observed many aspects of life that have vast religious and addictive aspects to them that somewhat connect to ancient gods. Per example the excessive fitness trend has somewhat transcending promises, requires a regular attendance at the gym (like a temple), dietary restrictions (like some religions do) and incorporates somewhat clerical instructions by fitness coaches. There are even very preachy sounding motivational speakers and podcasters pushing you to your limits. People are somewhat still worshipping Adonis. Following that example, I compiled eight songs connecting different modern phenomena with corresponding ancient gods, that are somewhat believed dead, but I claim them to be alive in modernized cults. The lyrical content boils down to an individual usually being first intrigued by the cult and then finding out more and more how much it makes them dependent and unfree and how much sacrifices it demands and does not at all fulfill its promises. In essence it is about modern spiritual slavery and could be regarded as social criticism. I describe how people somewhat become possessed and enchained by these ancient gods that are very alive demons. It circles around the individual that is dependent and enslaved by personal spiritual forces that are disguised as mere mundane, harmless concepts.


I am careless and free
Drinking and dancing away my sanity
I am mindless and high
Sniffing and chanting, unable to reply

Come on, have another
Your sad reality must be left behind
Come on, have some sugar
My joyous hysteria will make you blind

I drown in artificial happiness
Forgetting everything, carelessness is bliss
I swim on clouds moving eagerly
Towards the abyss, hopefully relieving agony

I am hopeless and tired
Hitting my hurting head, bemired
I have awakened alive
Regretting and wishing I couldn’t revive

Come on, have another
I tried to quit for good, it is only harm
Come on, have some sugar
sweet wine and cheer haven’t yet lost any of their charm

We might have signed a contract
who knows, maybe when we were high?
chaining us to these feasts and distract
All with unfulfilling orgies to die
Sweet death is probably freedom,
at least it isn’t this hell
of needing to ever go deeper
into this intoxication cell

The invitation we were given,
only a jealous and hopeless cry,
To join them in dependence
and lose our sanity and deny,
It was only meant to disown
And we ended up wrecked alone

Dionysos, a sweet slave master
Grinding us, paralyzing us faster
Dionysos, his heaven’s a fake
Enchaining us, our lives are at stake


released October 1, 2021
Text and music by Emanuel Strebel

Drums: Raphael Brunner (Frank Needs Help)
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Sitar: Emanuel Strebel
Featured Vocals: Simon Piringer (Uncaved)

Mixed by Emanuel Strebel
Mastered by Dan Suter


all rights reserved



Theoptia Switzerland

Theoptia is a one man studio project based in Switzerland, pondering deep spiritual topics in elaborate concept albums in a style that could be described as progressive death metal. A signature sound are exotic elements such as the sitar, odd-meters, ambient intros and interludes, breakdowns, deep growls and core-like screams. Enjoy! ... more

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